Jim & Mary Ann's Universe

0608.16-21 – Aug 16-21, 2006
Creation’s 40th Anniv of Star Trek Convention
Las Vegas, NV

ST The Experience

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek

~ The Experience ~

We spent a lot of time on the Promenade. Quarks Bar & Restaurant was packed to the rafters each day with Trek fans. Creation had reserved The Experience for the evening on Thursday and Friday. We were kicked out of The Experience at 6:30pm on both days. Trying to get a table at Quarks for lunch was impossible on any day.

We wisely decided to get tickets for the rides at The Experience on Thursday since it seemed like the quieter day. We rode the Borg Invasion twice and the Klingon Encounter once on Thursday. This was Steve’s first time at The Experience. On Sunday night Jim returned to The Experience with Randy & Glen and rode the rides one last time.

Saturday evening Robin “reserved” some seating space for a pose of 12 at Quarks Bar. Even with the reservation we had to wait in a long line to be seated. We enjoyed some Trek drinks – Frozen Hirogen, Risian Colada – and meals – Hamborg-ers, Moogies pasta etc.

There were a few actors walking about Quarks and the Promenade. A Bajoran male security person, a male Ferengi that tried to swipe my camera bag, a Borg male, the Klingon female that Jim inadvertently hit on last time, a Romulan male, an Andorian male and female…all were in great costumes and make up.

There was a new addition to The Experience, the Captain’s Lounge. The Promenade used to have a high ceiling that was dressed to appear as the upper level of the Promenade with railings and view ports. This area was not actually accessible. This year we noticed that that Promenade had a regular 10-11ft height ceiling and the upper level was missing. It was used to create the Captain’s lounge. Unfortunately Creation had use of this new area the whole weekend for its various events so we did not get to see it.

On Sunday we got the gang all together on the Bridge at The Experience for a group photo. Our guide was nice enough to let us roam around the Bridge sitting in the chairs and touching all the panels. Last time we were there (2yrs prior) the guide wouldn’t let us touch a single thing. Not even the chairs we sat in. And then he would escort us off the Bridge quickly. Fortunately things have changed.

The same guide also let us tag along when he took the next group to the Borg Alcove room for a photo op. The room was very very small, maybe 8×12 ft. These were the actual Borg alcoves from First Contact. There were 5 in all, and 2 had Borg mannequins. We had a great time taking it all in and touching everything. Unfortunately our kind guide was adamant that we could not take photos or videos of either the Bridge or the Borg Alcoves.

The Experience literally transports you to another place. One evening as we hung out in the museum portion, we looked up at the model ships and the futuristic decor…I felt that I was no longer in the 21st century but somewhere in the future. And I was fine with staying there for a long time. But they did eventually kick us out and lock up the place for the night :-( Imagine a slumber party at The Experience??!!