Jim & Mary Ann's Universe

0608.16-21 – Aug 16-21, 2006
Creation’s 40th Anniv of Star Trek Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Hilton Hotel

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek

~ The Hilton Hotel ~

The Las Vegas Hilton hotel was very boring. Other than The Experience and the Engine Room Casino there was nothing interesting about the place. The convention area was huge which meant we had to walk a long way to get from the Experience to the convention. We had to walk pass another casino and a few restaurants and there were lots of people smoking in those areas. Not fun.

Loretta, AnnBeth and Robin were staying at the Hilton and they told us that the rooms were very bland and ordinary. We did the lunch buffet one day and we were not impressed. Jim’s words “It sucked!” It seemed that the hotel was doing a good job of not-acknowledging the Trek presence”. I don’t know why…we are such lovable folk!