Jim & Mary Ann's Universe

0608.16-21 – Aug 16-21, 2006
Creation’s 40th Anniv of Star Trek Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Convention Dealers Room

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek

~ The Convention ~

This was of course a Creation Convention thru and thru. Many things started late, there were changes to the guest list as some guests cancelled and were replaced by others. Some of the evening events were less than enjoyable. Seating in the huge auditorium was …interesting. But hey…we’re all used to that by now.

Jim & I bought our tickets late thru Ticketmaster and thus were not able to get a full weekend pass. Instead we bought daily tickets at the preferred seating level at $65 each day for each person. This meant that we had to get in line each day but it wasn’t for long. Each day someone would come thru the line and exchange wrist bands for tickets.

Everyone else bought the weekend tickets at: preferred seating, captain’s chair, or golden circle levels. They received a nice large colored badge that hung from a color landyard and indicated their seat #. It was easy for them to come & go all weekend.

What sucked about the preferred seating level is that it did not include any autographs. All autographs were extra as were photo ops. You could go broke buying autographs and photo op tickets.

There was also an autograph room with tons of secondary guests like: Barry Jenner (Adm Ross -DS9), Bobby Clark (Gorn Captain -TOS), Lee Meriwether (TOS), Matt Winston (Lt Daniels -ENT), Suzie Plakson (K’Ehleyr –TNG), Sean Kenney (crippled Capt Pike –TOS) and about 30 more.

In a wide open area as you enter the convention there was a smaller scale version of the TOS bridge with wax representations of the TOS cast. They were selling photo ops on this bridge.

The huge Dealer’s Room had lots of vintage material, items not seen in years. Lots of great unique trek items. Very different from the dealer rooms on the East Coast. Some of dealer’s include:

G4 had a booth in the dealer’s room promoting their Trek line-up and playing the animated Trek commercials that we all love so much.

Lightspeed had a huge area with tons of marvelous artwork from Trek, Star Wars to the Simpsons and beyond. We were able to see a lot of the large items that they don’t have space to display at the east coast conventions.

Christie’s booth contained items that were going to be auctioned in October. They were taking pre-orders for the catalog at a 10% discount at the show.

Master Replicas had several Trek items for sale including a large scale model of the TOS Enterprise.

Celestis Inc was there promoting their Memorial Spaceflights. You too can send your ashes into space for a small fee. Check them out at www.MemorialSpaceflights.com

Cruise Trek was promoting their cruise to New Zealand next year.

We recognized many faces in the Dealers Room…dealer friends of ours. “What are you doing on the West Coast?” was the usual greeting.

We didn’t sign up for any evening events since they cost extra (of course) plus we wanted to leave some open time for us to explore Vegas and some non-convention activities.