Jim & Mary Ann's Universe

0608.16-21 – Aug 16-21, 2006
Creation’s 40th Anniv of Star Trek Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Freemont Street

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek

~ The Fremont Street Experience ~

On Saturday night we left dinner at Quarks and headed back to the Luxor to catch an IMAX movie about the moon (Walking on the Moon). Since we arrived late and missed the movie, we decided to continue driving around Vegas. The idea came to us to check out the Fremont Street Experience also called the “Old Strip”. So we drove north on Las Vegas Blvd thru lots of bumper to bumper traffic.

We parked our rental car nearby and walked about the area. We had been forewarned that the area was not very safe for tourists. We did see some shady people and some homeless sleeping on the sidewalk. There were also several people carrying religious signs advising us all to convert or go to hell.

As Jim’s luck would have it, there was also a car show on one street with lots of street rods and other classic cars and motorcycles.

There were a few different bands playing at various intersections on Fremont St. It was one big long block party. There were kiosks in the middle of the street selling lots of stuff.

Many of the hotels on Fremont St were familiar to us…there were seen in older movies especially those with the Brat Pack. The lighted canopy above the street wasn’t playing any light shows during our short tour of the area, but we’ve heard of the fantastic daily shows.

Jim returned on Sunday night to the “Old Strip” to show Randy and Glen. They also loved the nostalgic view.