Jim & Mary Ann's Universe

0608.16-21 – Aug 16-21, 2006
Creation’s 40th Anniv of Star Trek Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek

Jim & I had traveled to Las Vegas in 2004 with the crew of the Osiris and we had a fabulous time. We wanted to return some time soon. When we heard of the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek Creation Convention that was to be held in August 2006 at the Hilton, we were so there.

Our group started with contingent of 6 A-Team members: AnnBeth Goldblum, Robin Goldblum, Ray Greenberg, Steve Guminski, Jim & Mary Ann Pugliese.

We were accompanied by new friends that we meet at the IC2006, Randy the DJ & his buddy Glen, friends of Beryl. We also met up with Loretta Painter at the convention and her friend Lorenzo. Ronald Held from the Sovereign was also at the convention, hosting a panel on “Faster than Light Travel in the Universe”.

We also spent some time with Robin’s crew mates from her Columbus Ohio chapter the USS Maximillian.