Pick a Card … Any Card…

When folks get to really know us they realize that we have many interests, mondo mucho many interests. Invariably the next statement out of their mouth is … “Pick one thing and stick to it, or you’ll never amount to anything.” … or something similar.
They don’t understand!

We have many interests because we are curious people on a quest to “…learn all that is learn-able” (ST1)… okay maybe not *all* of it, but much of it. We do not commit to any one interest forever, forsaking all others. We switch back and forth between various interests all the time. We could be working on a model in the morning, going to a car show in the afternoon and seeing an action flick in the evening. Reading a sci-fi book one minute and playing Mah Jong the next.

Sometimes our interests are relegated to a specific season: car shows, NHRA races and outdoor activities are mostly in the warmer months while model building, snow tubing and home improvement projects happen more often in the colder months. But a vast majority of our interests are year round.

This page will attempt to explain all of our varied interests, all the irons we have in the fire, all the cards up our sleeve, all the eggs in our basket … you get the idea.
Hopefully you will understand why we have no interest in being a one-hit wonder!

USS Adamant – Mary Ann is president of this Star Trek and Sci-Fi fan club in Montgomery County PA, a chapter of STARFLEET. Mary Ann has been serving as president since November 1995.

Collective Models – Jim is president and founder of this small sci-fi scale model making business that produces vacu-form kits and also provides model building services since 1999. Mary Ann is a contributing member, building models and maintaining the website.

This is Tasha, our Tortie with ‘tude. She thinks we’re her staff, but we know better. Right?

We love muscle cars, speed and Chevy power. We frequent local car shows and the Maple Grove Raceway.

This is us the Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico. We love the island, our home away from home.

As avid science fiction fans we frequent local conventions and events. We meet some of the actors and hang out with other fans.

We love Christmas! So much to do and an excuse to decorate the house and have folks over. Mary Ann makes Coquito too!

USS Ascension – Jim is the president of this Star Trek and Sci-Fi fan club in the Lehigh Valley, PA, a chapter of STARFLEET. Jim has been serving as president since January 1997.

Logically Designed – Mary Ann is president and owner of this small website design business that officially started up about 5 years ago. After creating and maintain several websites, she decided to branch out and offer her services to family, friends and others in need of simple and effective websites.

We are a 2 guitar family. Here is a picture of Jim’s Gibson SG (right) and Mary Ann’s Daisy Rock (left) guitars. Many more lessons are needed before we can hit rock star status.

We love drag racing (not NASCAR) and the NHRA (National Hot Rod Assoc). When there’s an NHRA event in the tri-state area, we are there. It’s fun to watch the race up close, meet the drivers in person and watch them in the pits.

We don’t love winter and shoveling snow… well Jim shovels, Mary Ann supervises from the window. But we do like snow tubing.

We have a grill and this is the only time we used it. Luckily we didn’t burn anything down or burn the food. More grilling lessons may be needed.

We love to decorate the house for Halloween too. And every year we have a Halloween Party at our place with costumes and treats.