Who Are These Weird People???

We are many things, have many interests, wear many hats…but most folks know us as HUGE Star Trek and sci-fi fans! This is so VERY true! But there is alot more to us than that…

Well, we’re humans from the planet earth, presently residing in the northern part of the western hemisphere. HI! If you have a means to get us off this planet please contact us immediately!

We love our planet but we are also curious people and we want to see the universe! Presently we’re waiting for the Marriott corporation to hurry up and build a hotel either in earth orbit or on the Moon surface. Until then we will continue to save up our rewards points and lobby for them to replace their chief interior decorator.

We would even volunteer our time, energy and efforts toward building a cool space/lunar station. Just send us the materials & instructions in a box, and we’ll take care of it. Just don’t make it a snap-together kit – they never fit right (the Int’l Space Station is a good example).

Let’s see … what else …

We have been to many places, met many interesting people, made many good friends and shared our unique sense of humor, POV and style with the world. “And the good news is they’re not going to prosecute.” (ST6)

We are logical people. Matter of fact. Straight and simple. Blunt – to a fault, some would say. We are NOT politically correct and make little attempt to sugar-coat our words. If you don’t like what we have to say then cover your ears.

We are not mean about it and our intention is not to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s just that too many folks nowadays have thin skin or have been overly coddled in their life or are overly sensitive and as a result are easily offended. We will not walk on egg shells around those people just to coddle them even more. Nope.

That said, we do like to hear YOUR opinion. Yes, we do… even if it differs from ours … especially if it differs from ours. That’s how we grow. We learn about other view points, investigate and sometimes we adjust our POV a little or alot in response. So don’t keep YOUR words to yourself. Tell us what you think!

We like to ask WHY. We are curious people, always wondering why things are the way they are… and can it be improved. Sacred cows, beware … you are not safe around us. We challenge established rules and norms, especially when they make no sense.

We love our HUGE extended family and do our best to stay in touch… but there are soooo many of them! Aye!

We believe in meaningful positive friendships and don’t have time for bullshit or unnecessary drama. We are fiercely loyal to our friends.

We are creative! Shocking news, isn’t it?

Many things move us. Alot.